Providing youth Baseball and Softball for Oak Grove and Lamar County, Mississippi
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Welcome to Oak Grove Athletic Association!

Oak Grove Athletic Association
Park Location:
Optimist Park
345 Hegwood Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 16747
Hattiesburg, MS 39404

Important Park Contacts:
For Baseball Questions

For Softball Questions

For Administrative Questions

General Info Email:


On possible rain out days, we will try to have a decision made by 4:00pm.

For Field Rentals, please contact one of the Park Contacts above. Please DO NOT turn on the lights unless it is a scheduled practice or approved by the Board of Directors.

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OGAA Fundraiser
Are you ready for another Raffle? Well I’m not!     ...
13-15 Year Old End of Season Tournament Bracket
  Below is the link to the 13-15 year old end of season fall...
Thorguard Lightning Prediction System
The Oak Grove Optimist Park has a lighting prediction system and...
OGAA Fundraiser

Are you ready for another Raffle? Well I’m not!

     OGAA has partnered with United Games to offer an exciting fundraising opportunity. United Games will be launching a new sports application that will allow you to interact with live sporting events. This is an application that allows you to interact in real time and win coins by doing so.

     So What Is It?

  • Play along with your favorite sports teams and feel part of the action.
  • Make live interactive predictions:
    • Who will win game?
    • How many turnovers will each team have?
    • Will they run or pass in this next play?
    • Earn points and compete with league and the best.

     So why participate?

  • FREE to download and FREE to play
  • Every coin earned or bought helps park generate revenue.
  • OGAA will be giving out autographed memorabilia to weekly top coin earners.
    • Autographed baseballs, bats and more
    • Autographed Bryce Harper bat
    • Autographed Jonathan Papelbon jersey
  • Win great prizes from United Games
  • It’s fun and interactive.

     So how do you participate?

  • Click on the link and use this code to register. Then share, it’s that easy. Send it to as many people as you know and play.
  • We will host weekly league night every Sunday night.

     Please click on link below to find out more about United Games.

     Name: Oak Grove Athletic  Association

     Affiliate ID: 99221477

by posted 10/22/2016
13-15 Year Old End of Season Tournament Bracket

  Below is the link to the 13-15 year old end of season fall ball tournament that will be played in Petal:


  CLICK HERE for Tournament Bracket

by posted 10/21/2016
Thorguard Lightning Prediction System
The Oak Grove Optimist Park has a lighting prediction system and we ask that you adhere to any warnings the system may give regardless of how conditions may appear to be.  Please use common sense with any inclement weather.

The THORGUARDIAN is the first, totally integrated advance warning system for lightning.  The sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere's electrostatic energy and evaluates the potential for lightning within an area of approximately 2 miles in radius.  When the system determines a hazardous condition, the air-horns and strobe light provide necessary alerts.

How the system works in basic terms:
  1. System detects the probability of lightning striking based on measuring electrostatic energy in the air, NOT that lightning has struck. (That could be too late!)
  2. When the system detects a high probability of lightning the alert horn will sound and the strobe light will come on and stay on.
  3. Once the alert horn has made the warning, the system begins a 10 minute count down.  If conditions are cleared during that time frame the system will give an all clear, if not the system will continue to recycle the 10 minute count down process.
  4. Once an “all clear” condition is established by the system it will give three back to back horn blasts and the strobe light will go off.
REGARDLESS OF THE HORN, IF THE STROBE LIGHT IS ON STAY OFF THE FIELDS!  The best place to wait out the storm is in a nearby building or Vehicle.  Do not wait in the Dugouts!
(The strobe light is located on the east side of the crow’s nest of the 4-plex tower and is visible from all fields.)

Please note that this is the same system that is used by the PGA, the Olympic organization, & other professional sports organizations.  We should not put our children in harms way based on personal judgment for the benefit of playing a game. 
For reference the system is made by Thor Guard and info can be found at

posted 08/01/2007
Field Status
Field 1 - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field 2 - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field3 - Pine Belt Chevy - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field4 - Busby Ad - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field5 - FPAHC - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field6 - Waste Pro - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field7 - Courtesy Ford - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field8 - Petro Nissan - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Field9 - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Fld 10 - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Fld 11 - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
Fld 12 - Pine Belt Ford - OGAA OPEN (10/23) 
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